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Eternity rings are one of the phenomena that attract people and leaves them overwhelmed by awe and amazement. These diamond rings truely reveal unsurpassed luster and unspeakable beauty. Diamonds on eternity rings represent all of these meanings in an eternal circle, essentially magnifying their meanings, continually encompassing the finger in a never-ending circle of lasting beauty.

Radiant Cut Yellow & White Diamond Wedding Ring

Endlessly Fascinating: Oval Diamond Bar Set Eternity Ring Glistens & Glows in 14k White Gold

Dreams of A Lifetime: Awe & Grandeur Dazzling Circle of Oval Diamonds Enshrined in Platinum Channel Setting

Navette (Marquise-Cut) Diamonds Bezel Set in Platinum & Gold Settings

Brush Finish Gold Band Burnish Set Pears Diamond Sprinkle All Around Mens Ring Size 9 to 12


Burnish Set Pears Blue Diamond Eternity Ring

Brush Finish Gold Band Burnish Marquise Diamond Sprinkle All Around Mens Ring Size 9 to 12


The first Original Radiant Cut was created by Henry Grossbard in 1977, giving the people an option for a gorgeous square or rectangular shape without compromising on brilliance.It was the first diamond cut to combine the elegance of the emerald shape and the brilliance and fire of a round diamond. Upon the expiration of the patent, the Radiant Cut became a fully accepted diamond shape and was widely distributed by many manufacturers and wholesalers. In 2002, RCDC launched the Original Radiant Cut diamond brand. The Original Radiant Cut is the only radiant cut that is guaranteed to meet the ideal proportions established by its inventor. The Original Radiant Cut is marketed through participating fine jewelry stores throughout the United States . Original Radiant Cut diamonds are more expensive than generic radiant cuts due to their cut quality, although they are still less expensive than round stones. Radiant cut diamonds look beautiful as center stones in rings. They are also used to make earrings and pendants.

The radiant cut diamond is the first square cut (the second being the princess) to have a  complete brilliant-cut facet pattern applied to both the crown and pavilion, creating a vibrant and lively square diamond. First popular in the 1980's, the cropped corner square shape of the radiant is a nice bridge between a cushion and a princess cut, and for that reason looks beautiful set with both rounded or square cornered diamonds.

In longer (more rectangular) radiant cut diamonds, a bow-tie effect is more likely (although not as common as in oval, marquise, and pear cuts), varying from near invisible to severe. The visibility of a bow-tie effect cannot be ascertained by reviewing the diamond  certificate or dimensions, but only upon visual inspection. If you are interested in purchasing a radiant cut diamond, but would like to have it inspected first, please contact a diamond consultant, who can review diamonds on your behalf.

The chart below serves as a general guideline for evaluating the cut of a radiant cut diamond.


Table % 61 - 69

57 - 60


70 - 72

54 - 56


73 - 74

51 - 53


75 - 79

< 51


> 79

Depth % 61 - 67

59 - 60.9


67.1 - 70

57 - 58.9


70.1 - 74

54 - 56.9


74.1 - 79

< 54


> 79

Girdle Very Thin - Slightly Thick

Very Thin



Very Thin


Very Thick

Ex. Thin


Ex. Thick

Culet None Very Small Small Medium > Medium

There are diverse preferences when it comes to shape in radiant cut diamonds, from a perfectly square 1.00 length to width ratio (any ratio of 1.05 or less will appear square to the naked eye), to a more traditional rectangle. The rectangular radiant cut is an excellent option for buyers who like the emerald cut shape, but want something with the brilliance of a round. The square radiant looks very similar to a princess cut, but with cropped corners. Once set, a square radiant and a princess look virtually identical, since the prongs cover the corners. Every Sndgems Diamond includes precise measurements, as well as the length to width ratio, so you know the exact shape of the radiant cut diamond you are considering.


Square 1.00 - 1.03 1.04 - 1.05 1.06 - 1.08 > 1.08
Rectangle 1.20 - 1.30

1.15 - 1.19


1.31 - 1.35

1.10 - 1.14


1.36 - 1.40

1.08 - 1.09


1.41 - 1.50

< 1.08


> 1.50

Evaluating color in radiant cut diamonds is subjective. Keep in mind that many buyers may actually prefer the ever so slightly warmer colors of a G-H diamond over the cool colorlessness of a D-F diamond. In fact, most of the premium in price associated with radiant cut diamonds at the higher end of the color scale is driven by supply and demand; customers want the D-F color grades, and are willing to pay a premium to get them. In a world without diamond color grading, the price premium for higher grades would be much lower, as the actual differences in color are difficult to perceive.

The color chart below provides a general guide for evaluating color in radiant cut diamonds.


< .50 ct. D - G H - I J - K L - M > M
.51-1.0 ct. D - F G H - I J - K > K
1.0-2.0 ct. D - F G - H I - J > J
> 2.0 ct. D - F G H - I > I
Fluoro None Faint - Med. Strong Very Strong

Like color, evaluating clarity in radiant cut diamonds is subjective. GIA provides excellent help with their clarity grades. Still, it is important to understand that each customer will have a unique standard for clarity. Some may be perfectly comfortable with an inclusion as long as they cannot easily see it. Others may insist on a more technically flawless appearance. Because of its brilliance, a radiant cut is more forgiving of inclusions than other square cuts (like asscher and emerald), especially when viewed with the naked eye. The clarity chart below provides a general guide for evaluating clarity in radiant cut diamonds.


< .50 ct. FL - VS2 SI1 - SI2 I1 I2 > I2
.51-1.0 ct. FL - VS1 VS2 - SI1 SI2 I1 - I2 > I2
1.0-2.0 ct. FL - VVS2 VS1 - VS2 SI1 - SI2 I1 > I1
> 2.0 ct. FL - VVS2 VS1 - VS2 SI1 SI2 > SI2

Questions about shape or other aspects of a diamond? Ask a diamond consultant for answers. A consultant will answer any questions you have, and if you like, search for diamonds on your behalf that match your criteria.

In essence, a radiant cut diamond is a square or rectangular gemstone with slightly cropped corners that give it a characteristic eye-catching sparkle. The radiant cut diamond rings are excellent choice for those who want a sophisticated combination of the brilliant and emerald cuts. It presents the same fire and shine as a round brilliant, except that it is rectangular or square. This cut has rounded corners and the facets are assembled into a pattern that resembles cracked ice. A radiant cut diamond ring can be solitaire or set with side stones. When choosing your ring, you should take the number of facets into consideration. The most popular pattern consists of 62 facets, although some radiant cut patterns have 70 or more facets.  A pattern with 62 includes 25 facets on the crown, 29 on the pavilion, and 8 on the girdle. Make sure you choose a radiant cut diamond ring that doesnít have a facet misalignment, as this will increase the bowtie effect.

If you are considering a fancy color diamond, then this the radiant cut is the best choice. The proportioning, shape, and pattern enhance the color. Whether you want fancy yellow, pink, or blue, a
radiant cut diamond ring will show the color evenly throughout the diamond. In addition to the cut and color, other factors you need to think about when buying a radiant cut diamond rings are the carat and the clarity. Keep in mind that bigger stones arenít always the best, since some of them have rather noticeable inclusions. Sometimes the smaller diamonds offer the best clarity, depending on how well they are cut. You must choose quality over size when buying a radiant cut diamond ring. If you really do want a large ring, you could always choose a radiant cut with side stones. There are so many styles to choose from, be sure to take your time in picking the perfect ring from our selection.

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